Mercedes-Benz to Drop A-Class?

By Brendan Moore


According to the German business weekly WirtschaftsWoche, Daimler intends to drop the A-Class from its lineup in 2011, which is when the Mercedes-Benz A-Class is due for a revamp.

The current A-Class has gotten good reviews overall in the motoring press, as opposed to the first-generation A-Class launched in 1997. The A-Class was the first front-wheel drive vehicle ever sold by Mercedes-Benz, and is known as the “Baby Benz” in Europe. Year-end 2006 figures show that Mercedes has sold almost 1.5 million A-Class cars since 1997.

Not sold in the United States, the tiny A-Class is popular in Europe and the model range is massive in its permutations, with variables such as different size diesel or gas engines, trim levels, appearance packages, etc. The A-Class starts at a price that is inexpensive and climbs all the way up to almost $40,000 USD for a 193 hp A200 model that is not only fast, but has a very high level of trim inside. The A-Class also has a 5-Star crash rating, the highest rating given in the European crash tests.

Daimler refused to comment on the report, stating that it was “idle speculation”.

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Author: Brendan Moore

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  1. The car sucks anyway, you’re lucky you never had to drive one.

  2. I drove an A-Klasse for 6 mos. and I loved it. Great little car. Wish I could buy one here in the United States. Well worth the price, even if it is a lot of money for a little car.

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