Hot Rod Deluxe Back on the Rack

By Mike Mello


Grocery shopping isn’t one of my favorite tasks but I always wrap up the trip with a pass down the magazine aisle. New to me was HOT ROD Deluxe, sitting there next to the rest of the car mags, a few feet down from the Hot Wheels display. HOT ROD’s that the familiar Deluxe title will be published quarterly and that they’re open to hearing from contributors.

A while back, I posted a couple photos of cars that would have fit in with the HOT ROD Deluxe style, and a reader posted a comment that they were surprised to see these kinds of sleds still being built. True, they’re not exactly as popular as Camaros and they aren’t as easily sourced as Civics, but rat rod enthusiasts would probably say that’s part of the appeal of the primered, sometimes-rusty, always powerful rat rod style.

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Author: Chris Haak

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  1. I loved Hot Rod when I was a kid and I’m glad to see Hot Rod Deluxe is still around.

    And although I’m not a rat rod fan, I can certainly relate tot he appeal.

  2. A bit off the subject, but has anyone noticed how attractive the models are in Hot Rod? My kind of women!

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