Nissan To Sell Electric Vehicle In US in 2010

…And Other Highlights of Nissan’s Five-Year Business Plan

By Kevin Miller


As a part of it five-year business plan announced this week, Nissan announced it will introduce an all-electric vehicle in the U.S. and Japan in 2010 and then mass-market vehicles to consumers globally in 2012. Nissan is the first major automaker to commit to a launch date for such a vehicle. In recent interviews, Carlos Ghosn has been quoted as saying that the company’s initial ZEV offering will be both affordable and competetive with other vehicles available. “We are not interested in some ‘Stars Wars’ prototype,” Ghosn said, “but in really bringing a mass market product that everybody can buy. It’s really a new chapter in the life of this industry.”

The five-year plan, named Nissan GT (G for Growth, T for Trust) is focused on the company’s long-term performance combined with its responsibilities to stakeholders as a significant global business. Perhaps T should have represented Tennessee, as Nissan’s North American HQ has relocated there from California. Or perhaps not.

In addition to the electric vehicle mentioned above, Nissan has an aggressive plan to launch new vehicles, with nine all-new products during fiscal 2008: Teana, Infiniti FX, Maxima, Bakkie successor, Qashqai+2, a mini SUV, Cube, Z and Infiniti G37 Convertible. Of those, the Maxima, the small-and-boxy Cube, and the next-generation Z as well as the two Infinitis are headed to the US. These models are a part of Nissan’s plan to launch 60 new vehicles by 2012.

It should be interesting to watch the next chapter in the EV story unfold, as electric vehicles with onboard recharging capabilities are launched to compete with plug-in-only EVs. With other major automakers like Audi, Fiat, and GM each working on developing EV technology for upcoming vehicles, the future of electric vehicles is looking brighter than it has in decades. Nissan’s first-to-market vehicle could help them become the first name in electric vehicles, just as Toyota has become the first name in hybrids. That would be a boon for Nissan’s bottom line.

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Author: Kevin Miller

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  1. The Nissan GT five-year plan – that’s good, eh?

  2. Wow! An EV from a major automotive manufacturer in 2010 as a honest-to-god production car! This is a big deal if it happens.

  3. Looks like Hydro-Quebec might dust-off the Grande-Baleine project in the James Bay area to bring more electricity in the electric grid network 😉

    On a off-topic side note, we knew then Nissan plans to enter the and now there a who mentions then Dodge might replace the Sprinter with a van from Nissan. Seems to be only the tip of the iceberg at Renault-Nissan.

  4. We need many more auto making companies to jump on the EV bandwagon. I would consider an EV and so would a fair percentage of other motorists, maybe 10%. If 10% had an EV and there were no more problems than with a regular car and the owners saved over a gasoline powered car, the word would get around pretty quick from that 10%. We would get a much larger rate of adoption in the next five years.

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