Future Uncertain for Saab- But News is Coming on Monday

By Kevin Miller


Earlier this week, [sub] that sources familiar with GM’s strategic review of Saab had produced no parties interested in buying the beleagured-yet-iconic Swedish carmaker. The strategic review became necessary when GM accepted federal funds as a bridge loan from the US government in December, as a part of their corporate long-term viability plan submitted to Congress. While Saab was never officially for sale, we’ve all learned in recent months that the term “strategic review” is code for “looking to get rid of”. GM’s Hummer brand has undergone a similar strategic review in recent months, and no buyer was found for the marque.

Without a buyer for Saab, the brand’s future is uncertain. According to a report last month by Danish news source Børsen, Eric Geers, Global Communications Officer for Saab Automobile AB in Sweden, indicated Saab had three months to be sold, else GM may be forced to close the money-losing brand to ensure long term corporate viability.

There is a glimmer of hope in the form of the Swedish Government, however. The Swedes have guaranteed loans earmarked for their nation’s automakers (both Saab and Volvo, which is for sale by Ford) up to 25 billion Swedish Kronor (about $3.2B). The auto industry is a sizeable employer in Sweden, and the Swedish government would like to keep that industry in business. Eric Geers confirmed to Automotive News Europe that that Saab was in discussion with necessary Swedish government officials about applying for some of that money.

In any case, we should know more about Saab’s future quite soon. According to Swedish news source , there is a GM press conference scheduled for Monday in Detroit at NAIAS with members of the Swedish government. While it is unclear exactly what plan will be unveiled on Monday, the fact that there is a plan should be encouraging to Saab faithful. Also encouraging is the news coming via , that US Saab dealers have been informed the replacement 9-5 is “back on schedule”, and that photos will be forthcoming at some time in February with an on-sale date later in the year. With the 9-4x development essentially complete (assembly should be ramping up Q3 or Q4 this year), Saab looks to have two-thirds of its lineup entirely new a year from now.  Assuming they are still in business.

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Author: Kevin Miller

As Techshake’s resident Swedophile, Kevin has an acute affinity for Saabs, with a mild case of Volvo-itis as well. Aside from covering most Saab-related news for Techshake, Kevin also reviews cars and covers industry news. His “Great Drive” series, with maps and directions included, is a reader favorite.

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  1. Any word on how much GM would be looking to take for Saab? I have a few hundred dollars and could easily raise up to $5000 more. I’ll even throw in a free dinner.

  2. Saab went one way, Volvo went the other. Volvo is having it’s problems as of late, but not like Saab.

    Saab is awaiting the executioner’s axe.

  3. I mentioned a couple of months ago here that the only hope for Saab and Volvo might be nationalization. Someone ‘poo-poohed’ that idea as being extreme. Ah ye, of little faith. Seriously though, all those Scandanavian jobs might be in safer hands underneath the umbrella of the Swedish government than depending on GM or even Ford.

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