New York Auto Show – First Press Day, Afternoon

By Brendan Moore



GM-Segway Puma concept

The New York Auto Show has now hit its stride in this, the first of two press days. The trickle of journalists I described this morning has turned into a steady stream, and once again, there is a media scrum around every auto executive at the various press conferences. All in all, a much more lively scene.

Still, the show is more subdued than in years past, with everyone feeling a bit insecure about their own business and the economy in general.

Some cars that stand out so far are the Ford Fiesta, the Chevrolet Camaro (even more wonderful in the metal, jeez, I want one), the GM-Segway Puma concept, the electric Mini, the new Spyker and the many variations of the Kia Soul.

As usual, the almost all the trucks are all parked on bottom floor. There are not a lot of people walking down there, and in fact, it resembles nothing so much as an elephant graveyard. It makes you wonder how many people will be down there during the public attendance days.

It’s a shame as the trucks look beautiful, and, there are some great products on display from the various manufacturers. But their desirability seems to have been eclipsed by economic events.

Off to a press conference now – will check in later.

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Author: Brendan Moore

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  1. Who the heck is going to ride around in one of those things Segway and GM put together?

    Only people that don’t care about dying.

  2. Same here: are we all destined to become those pudgy soft people in Wall-E? As for me, I’d rather walk.

  3. Agree With You Smotri,but i think that thing Would Be Good For some Old Peoples,i even prefer my old kawasaki dirt bike then that, lets what comes next

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