Dodge Viper Stays with Chrysler

By Brendan Moore



Chrysler has announced that the Viper business is no longer for sale. Under previous management of Chrysler by Cerberus, the Dodge Viper was put up for sale after the Cerberus determined that the car was not needed in Chrysler’s future.

Fiat executives have reversed that decision and Chrysler will now keep the high performance sports car in its portfolio beyond 2010.

It’s worth mentioning as well that Fiat ownership cannot help be advantageous in terms of retailing more Vipers in Europe.

Cerburus had directed Chrysler to put the Viper up for sale on their way to bankruptcy, and Chrysler had actually received an offer of $5.5 million USD while in bankruptcy proceedings. The offer was from a company called Devon Motor Works (, which claims that they produce an American supercar, and the comppany also fields a racing team. On the other end of the spectrum, they also manufacture a distinctly-styled electric motorbike.

A Polish firm, AutoGroup SA, also bid an unknown amount on the Viper line.

Both bids came to naught as Chrysler wanted $10 million before the deal that brought Fiat into the picture.

Dodge has sold approximately 25,000 Vipers since their halo car started production in 1992.

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Author: Brendan Moore

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  1. There you have the difference between someone that doesn’t know anything about the car business ans someone who does. Fiat recognizes the importance of a car like the Viper to Chrysler, from a brand ans sales point of view.

  2. This makes me happy because itis so un-PC.

  3. It doesn’t matter and I don’t care. If they never made another Dodge Viper again, nothing would change in the automotive universe.

  4. It’a bad-ass car and we need more cars like it so we don’t forget that we were put on this earth to be men.

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