Detroit 2010 NAIAS: First Day Observation

Yes, half the fun is just being here

By J. Smith


Mounted police

First day yesterday, and the lovely snow and temps in the teens conspired to make me a little late for the show. Fortunately, my arrival was heralded by protests and men on horseback.


Protester in kilt

Outside Cobo, in the Motown chill, were teabaggers comparing our first African-American President with Hitler. Classy. BTW, a kilt does not make an overweight hausfrau look any less hideous. Note: These people in no way represent my home state. A few Chinese journalists seemed intrigued by the protests.

Group of protester

Across the way can be found bank bailout counter-protesters.

Ford stand

Inside, we find many delightful things. Witness the new Ford Focus and the New Ford Fiesta. The Ford display was hopping with people, including political dignitaries, presumably there checking in on our investment in the other two Detroit auto manufacturers.

Ford Transit rear cargo

The new Transit Connect features massive cargo space in compact dimensions.

Models waiting in line

Chrysler model

The Chrysler display had a slew of local beauties. It did not have a slew of new vehicles, but did have several rehashed ideas that would make Walter P. blush with shame. I mean, jeez-louise, you have to feel for the good people at Chrysler.

Smart Car rep handing out lip balm

Free lip balm from the Smart Car lady!

Commuter of the future

The commuter of the future? One surely hopes not.

Buick Regal front

Buick Regal GS looks very nice in person. Yes, Virginia, that’s a manual tranny in a Buick. Curiously, the GM people asked for my credentials before they gave me a press kit. Given that it was the press preview, and you couldn’t get in the building if you didn’t have press credentials, this seemed wholly unnecessary. No other company asked to see any credentials.

Maybe it was a security screening measure, although they didn’t ask me to also remove my shoes.

Spokesperson checking under the M-B for something

There’s a leprechaun under the Merc! Or, maybe a snake; hard to say.

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Author: J.S. Smith

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  1. I want your job.

    You get to look at great cars, talk about great cars, and drive great cars.

    Those models are not exactly tough to look at, either. Add in an open bar somehwere and I am there.

  2. I guess gullwing doors confuse some people.

  3. Chrysler did not introduce a new CAR last year, and won’t introduce a new CAR this year. Only a truck. They should hire more models, maybe.

  4. Chrysler employed the same trick in LA… girls with plenty of skin showing, to help you forget they have no new cars on their stand.

  5. A Buick with a Stick? Tell me the rear wheels turn instead of the front, and GM might have the first Buick I would consider buying since the 70’s.

  6. That woman in the kilt is scary…

  7. I’m an easy mark, Kevin, because it did make me forget.

    Mark: it’s AWD. Personally, I’d prefer RWD, but AWD beats FWD. LOL, BTW.

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