New York Auto Show: 2011 Mazda 2

By Brendan Moore

The subcompact Mazda 2 will go on sale here in the U.S. this summer, and Mazda finally has released some specifications for the car here at the New York Auto Show, after showing the car in Los Angeles last year, but providing no technical specifications.

The diminutive Mazda 2 is a distant cousin to the 2011 Ford Fiesta subcompact in that much of the platform is the same since both cars had their gestation while Ford still had Mazda in their corporate family. But you would be hard-pressed to find much else of substance shared between the two cars.

The car comes with a 100 hp, four-cylinder engine for the North American market, which will drive through either a five-speed manual transmission or a rather basic four-speed automatic transmission. The manual transmission will get you 28 mpg in the city and 35 mpg on the highway. The automatic gives you 28 mpg and 34 mpg, respectively.

I won’t bring it up again, but the aforementioned 2011 Ford Fiesta has a 119 hp four-cylinder and a six-speed automatic transmission, and that car is projected by the EPA to get 40 mpg on the highway.

Mazda has stated that they will bring their Sky family of engines to the U.S. market next year, but has not divulged which cars those engines might be in. The Sky engines achieve an average of 18% better fuel economy over their predecessors, and are available in a Sky-G (gasoline) and Sky-D (diesel) version.

The Mazda 2 has a base MSRP of $14,730 USD. The Mazda 2 Touring (which is not a station wagon) has a base MSRP of $15,435, and provides larger wheels, more luxury and a nicer interior as standard equipment, in addition to some optional equipment not offered on the base model.

Author: Brendan Moore

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