What Does an Inside-Out Volkswagen Look Like?

By Chris Haak

This is a few days old, but kudos are in order to Volkswagen and its ad agency in Brazil, AlmapBBDO for the creativity shown in promoting the Latin American-market VW Fox’s all-new interior.  Rather than using the standard methods of showcasing a new interior – through things like cutaway views, birds-eye views, or studio shots – the pair turned advertising norms inside-out.  And the result got the automotive press and many customers to stop what they were doing and to take notice.

How did they turn advertising norms inside-out?  By turning the car inside-out!  They didn’t actually turn the car literally inside out, but through very creative use of Photoshop or another graphic-arts program, they kept the silhouette of the Fox’s exterior, but stuck every interior detail like seatbelts, seats, gauges, floormats, instrument panel, and even sunvisors on the outside of the car.  And, if you look carefully, you can see that the “interior” of the inside-out car has red paint, and is in fact the car’s usual exterior (note the door handles, mirrors, and tail lights).  It’s almost an M.C. Escher-like take on illustrating a car, and like Escher’s head-scratching works, it makes you stop and stare for a few minutes to delight in the details and creativity behind the photo.  So, wanna see it?  It’s after the jump.

For a full-size version of the photo, just click here.

VW has had more than its share of excellent advertising over the decades; with its objective of growing sales rapidly by 2018, it will have to keep up its advertising game.  But with more creativity like the Fox ad in Brazil throughout the VW empire, the company may do as well as it’s hoping.

Author: Chris Haak

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  1. i would love this kind of car just dont know what it look like inside of one.

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