Infotainment Review Series Introduction

An area that is going to evolve faster than any other part of the car in the next five years are in-dash electronics. In-car navigation, entertainment, and connectivity are going to explode in availability across all of the manufacturers product lines. As we have talked about in the past, (here, here, and here) this space is going to get more and more competitive and require very quick development-to-market cycles. As a result, we are planning a multi-part series specifically about in-car infotainment. Our goal is to line up all of the systems that are new to the market or are becoming available at new product levels (trickle-down technology). Read on for some more information, and to view a few early stage previews of some of the interesting systems from the 2012 New York Auto Show.

For each of these reviews we will try to capture as much video and picture interaction as possible. At the end of the model year we will provide our insight into what works and what does not, what trends appear to be developing, and who had the best products on the market. How to do this is more difficult than it might seem. How do you compare the GogoLink system that will be available in the $14,000 Chevrolet Spark to the COMAND System that will be part of the $106,000 Mercedes SL? We would be interested to hear your feedback on this topic. For now, the plan would be to break the reviewed cars and systems down into classes and price ranges, and then pick the best from each group.

To provide a hint into what we would like to provide here are a few clips that we were able to capture from this year’s New York International Auto Show:

MyFord Touch in the 2013 Super Duty Pickup:

Lexus Enform in the 2013 Lexus GS350:

Cadillac CUE at a prototype console:

Author: Kevin Gordon

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