Land Rover Reveals Lighter, Sleeker 2013 Range Rover

With the imminent arrival of stricter emission and fuel mileage regulations, the engineers tasked with developing the 2013 Range Rover faced a formidable challenge in honing and refining their creation. With the release of several leaked images on the Internet, Land Rover has decided to formally unveil the finished product of their hard work and effort:  the 2013 Range Rover SUV.

A key feature of the 2013 Range Rover is its extensive list of weight saving features. The company claims that the platform is brand new, and that it is the first sports utility vehicle ever created with an all-aluminum unibody structure.  Impressively, it only weighs 61 percent as much as the old car’s steel-based structure. In addition to the platform, the front and rear spaceframes have also been crafted out of aluminum and have been redesigned for 2013. Land Rover is also quick to point out that all of these weight saving measures help U.S.- spec models shed a whopping 700 pounds of weight versus the old model, and help the new Range Rover achieve a total weight of 5150 pounds. That figure is 100 pounds less than the Porsche Cayenne Turbo, and is a substantial 200 pounds less than a comparable Mercedes-Benz GL 450.

The exterior styling of the 2013 Range Rover has also received a makeover for the 2013 model year. Even though tradition requires that it shares some similarities with the outgoing model, Land Rover stylists utilized plenty of cues and traits from the smaller Range Rover Evoque to create a clean distinct look. This is especially evident in the swept-back headlights and tail lamps which look much more elegant than the rather blocky looking units the old model had as well as the new backwards sloping roof line design.

When the 2013 Range Rover is launched here in the U.S., it will initially be offered with a pair of V8 offerings. The 5.0 liter V8 from the current Range Rover will be offered once again, and thanks to some minor tweaks and updates, produces 375 horsepower.  Its supercharged sibling rings in at a healthy 510 horsepower. European customers will see their models equipped with either a diesel inline six or a brand new supercharged V-6, shared with the 2013 Jaguar XF. Regardless of which engine is equipped to the 2013 Ranger Rover, power will be transmitted to the road through a eight speed ZF automatic transmission, which is the sole transmission available. To improve the Range Rover’s handling, engineers have reworked the vehicle’s adaptive air suspension to give drivers an improved sense of control and confidence.

To ensure that the 2013 Range Rover still has what it takes to climb every mountain and ford every stream, engineers have equipped the SUV with a brand new Terrain Response 2 system. Land Rover is currently vague on exactly how the new system works, but the company has promised that the system will be “fully automatic.” In addition to Terrain Response 2, a traditional two-speed transfer is also retained for duty in the new Range Rover.

Following the theme set in place by the exterior, the interior of the new Range Rover is not a ground up re-thinking, but the numerous upgrades that designers have made are noticeable and easy to see. The center console and dashboard retain much of the layout seen in the previous generation Range Rover, but a new center stack features a reworked version of the company’s familiar infotainment system, which should please folks looking for the latest in entertainment technology. The rest of the interior follows the basic theme set by the Evoque, albeit in a larger more elegant scale.  The dashboard only features a small sprinkling of physical knobs, with the majority of vehicle controls recessed into its surface. This is a nice change from the cluttered, busy look that plagued the previous generation model.

Expect more information to be revealed when the 2013 Range Rover makes it official public debut at the Paris Auto Show in September with sales to begin sometime in 2013. Land Rover has not yet revealed official pricing, but expect the sticker price to surpass $80,000 USD when it finally lands at Land Rover dealers next year.

Author: Carl Malek

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