BMW Celebrates 25 Years Of V-12 Engine Production With Special 7 Series Model

When BMW originally launched the second generation (E32) 7 Series sedan back in 1986, it was designed to be a formidable contender in the high-end luxury car segment and offered its buyers world-class luxury and technological innovation wrapped in a Bavarian-styled package.  However, the car’s signature offering did not come to the U.S. until a year later in 1987, when BMW engineers shoehorned a 5.0 liter V-12 into the 750i. Since then, BMW has consistently offered a V-12 engine in every subsequent iteration of the 7 Series.  To celebrate the engine’s 25th anniversary. The company has decided to release a special 7 Series model: the 2013 BMW 760Li V-12 25 Years Edition.

Building upon the already lavishly equipped top of the line 760Li, BMW stylists have given the 25 Years Edition several styling touches to set itself apart from its siblings.  A majority of these tweaks can be found in the interior, which has been slightly reworked for the 25 Years Edition with items such as champagne-colored Alcantara headliner with black contrast sides, champagne-colored BMW Individual Merino leather seats with model exclusive black seat piping, additional Alcantara on the parcel shelf, and splashes of black leather and Individual Piano Black Wood Trim. Rear seat occupants will gain access to a state-of-the-art rear seat entertainment system with separate iDrive Controller.

The company did not reveal many detailed exterior photographs of the 25 Years Edition, but overall exterior changes will be limited to 20 inch Individual style 301 wheels wrapped in performance rubber, and Shadow-line trim. Despite this, buyers will still be able to select the same range of colors and optional equipment as they would on any other 760Li model.

Providing the motivation for the 25 Years Edition is the familiar 6.0 liter twin turbo V-12 which also sees duty in other 760Li models and is good for 535 horsepower and 550lb ft of torque. Both of those figures are significant gains when compared to the original 5.0 liter engine and its 295 horsepower and 332lb ft of torque. All of this new found torque and power is capable of moving 5,015lbs of 7 Series from 0 to 60 in less than 4.5 seconds before topping out at an electronically limited top speed of 130 mph.

Want a 2013 BMW 760Li V-12 25 Years Edition of your very own? Be prepared to open your wallet accordingly. BMW is charging a base price of $159,695 which is a pretty significant chunk of change and represents a $20,000 premium on the price tag of a standard 760Li. In addition, BMW will also be limiting 25 Years Edition production to a mere 15 copies with all 15 slated to be sold in the U.S. on a special order basis.

Author: Carl Malek

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