News Blip: (Chevrolet) Sparks Fly at New York Comic Con

Quick! When you think of Comic Con — “the biggest and most exciting popular culture convention on the East Coast”  — which automaker springs immediately to mind? Still thinking? Follow the jump for the answer you might not be expecting.

The answer?

Chevrolet. And the Spark, in particular: the marque’s most inexpensive offering, which Techshake drove just several months ago.

The partnership between Chevrolet and Comic Con may sound unlikely at first, but is part of the brand’s attempt to pitch its product lineup directly to “millennials.”  The event features Sparks wrapped in graphics depicting various superheroes, which were prominently displayed in the lobby of Manhattan’s Javits Center.

According to Northeast regional sales manager Bill Fleck, Chevrolet wanted to diversify its marketing to speak to 20-somethings through relevant channels.  The strategy paid dividends last year, as well, when the featured Bowtie model was the Sonic hatchback.

The event also featured a ride-and-drive, at which Comic Con attendees could test out the Sparks for themselves. One journalist at the media preview joked that it would be funny to see conventioneers — who are usually dressed as their favorite superheroes — behind the wheel. It wouldn’t be the first time that with the eyes of the public upon him.

Can’t get enough of the Chevy Spark? Read our First Drive for more details on the roadgoing Spark.

N.B. The author of this post admits freely a lack of knowledge in the areas of comics and superheroes. When he was younger, he would while away hours playing with model cars instead of action figures – except for the Batmobile.

Author: Jeff Jablansky

Jeff Jablansky was born with his hands planted firmly at 10 and 2. He has written for automotive enthusiast publications in the United States and abroad. His favorite road trip memory involves a Hyundai, a winding desert road and a herd of sheep. He is convinced that there is a car culture that goes beyond taxis in his current city of New York.

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