News Blip: EV Tech Trickles Down to the 2013 Scion iQ

If you’re like Techshake writers, you’re pretty intrigued by the Scion iQ’s tiny footprint and impressive utilization of space.  However, the iQ, like the Smart ForTwo and Chevrolet Spark, struggled to hit the magic 40-mpg mark — despite its size and weight.  For 2013, Scion has a solution to appease consumers looking for a microcar with the frugality to match.

Enter the 2013 Scion iQ EV.  Cosmetically, it’s indistinguishable from the gas-powered iQ, save for a charging port in front and throwback, two-tone paint all around.

Few details have yet been revealed about the newest iQ model’s powertrain.  We know that it will be powered by a 12 kilowatt-hour battery that will offer a range of approximately 50 miles.  On a Level 2 charge (240 volts), it will replenish from empty in about three hours.

We’re excited to see how the iQ matches up against the recently redesigned Smart ForTwo ED, which boasts a longer range (over 60 miles).  Some of the first iQ EVs to hit the road will go directly to car-sharing fleets and college campuses around the country.

Look for them soon, smugly parked inches away from fire hydrants and pedestrian crossings, in urban areas near you.

Author: Jeff Jablansky

Jeff Jablansky was born with his hands planted firmly at 10 and 2. He has written for automotive enthusiast publications in the United States and abroad. His favorite road trip memory involves a Hyundai, a winding desert road and a herd of sheep. He is convinced that there is a car culture that goes beyond taxis in his current city of New York.

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