Product Review: Progressive Snapshot

About a year ago, our own Kevin Gordon posed a question about the Progressive Snapshot – basically, asking whether it was worthwhile to allow “spying for savings.”  In the six years that Techshake has been online, this is the most-viewed and most-commented post ever.  In fact, if you Google “progressive snapshot” (without quotes) this article is on the first page of the results.  Though many of the 155 comments to date are not in favor of the device or the concept behind it, I thought that having a neutral party evaluate the device would be a good way to provide additional information to the public about the Snapshot.

I am not interested in changing insurance companies, but was interested in getting first-hand experience with a Snapshot in order to write a follow-up piece.  I pinged Progressive’s media relations team, and a day later, they suggested that I just sign up for a free 30-day trial of the device (if you want to try it for yourself, ), but be aware that many of the comments on the other post about the Snapshot claim that it damaged their vehicle’s electrical system, so caveat emptor.  Aside from that possibility, to me, I saw the only downsides are that it’s recording my driving behavior, so if there was ever an accident, its records could be subpoenaed (read the terms and conditions ), and Progressive is retaining my records for a period of time (the Snapshot privacy statement is linked

Snapshot test drive data may be useful in determining the cause of an automobile accident. If you’re in an accident, you may have a legal obligation to preserve the information on the device. This information may be sought by opposing parties in a civil lawsuit or by police when investigating the cause of an accident, or we may be legally obligated to provide such information in response to a subpoena or as otherwise required by law. In the event that you have an insurance claim with one of our insureds, we will not use the data to resolve the claim without first obtaining your permission or (if not you) the registered vehicle owner’s permission.

Also a bit alarming:

The device uses a certain amount of current from the vehicle’s battery even when the vehicle is not turned on. Care should be taken in using the device in vehicles that have old or weak batteries, or that may go extended periods without being started.

So maybe some of those commenters were onto something?

The Snapshot arrived in a box that looked like it would contain a Christmas ornament or fancy chocolates.  It was even wrapped in orange tissue paper, which seemed a little odd, since it’s not a gift.  The Snapshot itself is smaller than I expected – about 2 1/2 inches tall.  Once my most recent string of press loaners ended, I plugged the Snapshot into the OBD-II port under the dash of my 2008 Cadillac CTS.

When you start your vehicle, the Snapshot beeps (which is helpful, since it reminds me that there’s a little spy watching my driving behavior).

The Snapshot collects four pieces of data, but only three of them impact your potential discount:

  • Number of hard brakes per 100 miles (a hard brake is defined as decelerating more than 7 miles per hour per second)
  • Number of miles driven per day (the more miles you drive, the more likely you are to have an accident)
  • How often you drive between midnight and 4:00 a.m. (accidents are more likely to occur between those hours)
  • Number of rapid accelerations per 100 miles (a rapid acceleration is defined as accelerating more than 7 miles per hour per second).  Note that rapid accelerations do not factor into the discount calculation, but Progressive gives the data to you to “gives you a more complete picture of your driving habits” to “help you make safe choices behind the wheel.”

It’s important to note things that are not tracked by the Snapshot:  GPS position or speed.  So, they know when you’re driving, how far you’re driving, and how rapidly you accelerate or decelerate, but they don’t know where you’re going or how fast you’re traveling.

I have no intention of changing insurance companies, but I love the notion of “keeping score,” so I tried my hardest to be on my best behavior during my time using the Snapshot.  During the test, I lengthened my following distances and even changed my braking habits.  When in traffic and it suddenly stops, I spread the stopping power evenly; my normal technique is to hit them harder initially, then release the pedal a bit as I get closer to a stop.

Hard Brakes

Eventually, I became attuned to the under-dash beeps that come from hard stops.  It quickly became apparent that my definition (or, dare I say, a normal person’s definition) of a “hard stop” is quite different from Progressive’s.  To me, a hard stop is when you have to hit the brakes hard enough that unsecured items will go flying – in other words, if your lunch bag is on the seat next to you, it ends up on the floor.  A hard stop is not a 7 mile per hour decrease in one second.

As a result, I got increasingly agitated during my first two weeks of use.  Despite being on literally my best behavior – driving more conservatively than I would if my mother, or even my mother-in-law, were riding along, I continued to experience at least one hard stop almost every day.  My conservatively-driving wife used my Cadillac for a few short trips; she reported that it beeped at her when slowing to enter our development.

Rapid Accelerations
Proving that I was being a good boy in my driving with the Snapshot, it actually rated my rapid accelerations as “good.”  However, rapid acceleration doesn’t help or hurt your projected discount.  I did see about a 3 mile per gallon improvement in my observed fuel economy from more moderate driving habits, at least.

Miles Traveled
My daily commute is about 24 miles each way, so 48 miles in all.  I work five days per week, and generally do not use my car for weekend errands or trips out of town.  My average mileage came in at 45.9 miles per day.  I know that’s on the high end of daily commutes, but I’m in the car about 35 minutes each way.  In spite of 45.9 miles equaling 16,753 miles per year – which is not particularly high – my mileage hurt any potential discount as well.

The Last Straw: OnStar Errors
As I hit the two week point, I was already very annoyed at having to drive like my brake pedal was made of egg shells.  My plan was to see what kind of discount I’d get at the halfway point, then drive like my own definition of normal for the last half of the 30-day trial.

Then, I got a monthly diagnostic email from OnStar that basically said, “you have some sort of third-party connector plugged into your car.  We can’t tell you if there is anything wrong with it.”  Having read every comment about the Progressive Snapshot from our previous article about it, and seeing more than a handful that described the device as causing electrical problems in their cars, the next time I got into the car, I unplugged the Snapshot, boxed it up, and shipped it back to Progressive.  Sorry, but no experiment or test is worth putting my car’s electrical system (not to mention my own sanity) at risk.

Final Result: Zilch
Progressive allows you to track your performance online, including a count of your miles driven and how many rapid accelerations and hard stops you’ve had.  In the first week with the Snapshot, my projected discount ranged from 0% to 4%, then back to 0%.   My overall projected discount from Progressive never exceeded 4% before settling in at a whopping 0%.  “Zero-point-zero,” in Animal House-speak.

Had I been satisfied with a 0% discount (or perhaps didn’t have to drive as far as I do, or didn’t have to spend 15+ of my 24 miles in fairly heavy traffic and wanted to switch to Progressive insurance, I would have had to endure an additional six months of Snapshot-caused mental duress.  What’s the point of having a 304-horsepower sport sedan (with new ultra high performance all-season tires) when zero of that performance can be used without the device under my dash tattling on me.

My verdict?  If you enjoy driving and enjoy your car, don’t waste your time with the Progressive Snapshot.  You will not get any discount and you will become increasingly irritated as time passes.  Do yourself a favor and shop around for an insurance company that is rated for excellent service and has competitive rates.  I’m much happier without the Snapshot back in Progressive’s hands rather than underneath my dashboard.

Author: Chris Haak

Chris is Techshake's Managing Editor. He has a lifelong love of everything automotive, having grown up as the son of a car dealer. A married father of two sons, Chris is also in the process of indoctrinating them into the world of cars and trucks.

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  1. Nice write-up. As somebody who likes to drive, having that kind of device beeping when I drove “wrong” would be incredibly irritating… Kinda like a having a passenger constantly stomping their imaginary brake pedal, but not as entertaining.

  2. Thanks, Chris!!
    A good friend is insured by Progressive currently, tho he had no desire to try their spy-device due to ethics…
    …now I can let him know it would have been a (potentially-damaging in More than one way) waste to time.
    Think I’ll suggest that he start shopping for a new insurer.

  3. When I first saw the Progressive ads for snapshot I thought it was just part of Flo’s image, not real. Like her ability to float in air. The more recent ads made it obvious that it was a real device, which triggered my Google search, how I landed on your information.

    2 years ago I switched from Progressive to a local business, slashed my monthly premium by $150, annual savings of $1800!! The customer service is just as impressive. (I have 2 vehicles with full coverage and 1 with liability coverage).

    Technology is great but I prefer the old fashioned, personal approach rather than “spy ware” 🙂

  4. Totally crap! It can give permanent damage to your car! My engine light is on after 24 hours plugin of this device and the dealer told me my car’s computer system is damaged by this crap. Away from this bullshit device and this gabbage company.

  5. I’ve been using SnapShot for about 3Weeks and current at 22% Savings.. What I can tell you is that this device encourages Dangerous Driving. The First Rule you learn is Don’t use your car Brakes… that means taking corners wider & faster then you normally would. also not braking for traffic lights… instead you ease off the gas and let the car coast in towards the traffic light..

    the discount percentages change dramatically .. one day I’m at 20% .. a single hard break drops it to 14% took me 7days to get back to 22% and I had to lower my travel to under 10miles a day… I might be able to do this for 30days during the trial.. but using snapshot for 6months I think would drive me Nuts.

  6. I completely agree with the author and most of the responses, I participated when it was called ‘my rate’ program. Had to be so terrible it required a renaming and in fact I left progressive because of this program. The hard brakes were unreal, we had this in a car that was driven less than 40 miles in a week. Supposedly I received a 25% discount and it just happened during a ‘rate increase’, also this saving cannot be used with the pay in full discount but rather a replacement for that discount. So after the program was done my rate went up 12%, and I lost the pay in full discount. What a joke, I’m so surprised more haven’t left.

  7. I’m dealing with this now. I was mad when it first beeped, and I was in parking lot going slowly behind another car who was about to park and I braked. How hard could that brake have been? We were in a parking lot! And it beeped.

    Then I was approaching an intersection, traveling abt 35mph, still had a distance to go, light turned yellow. I chose to brake instead of step on gas to cross on yellow. BEEP. So I chose to safely stop on yellow and I’m going to get BEEP??

    30 days are over and I got a 21% discount off my $707 6mo premium for a 2002 vehicle.

    Out of 30 days I drove 16 days
    Weekly trip Average 4minutes 40 seconds
    Wkly Avg Miles Driven 51 – 7 days I drove less than 10mi total, usually about 3miles total
    Avg Wkly Hard Brakes 1.3 – 1 brake a week!!! out of the 7 days I only hard braked one day!

    And I’m getting 21%? My car was idle half the month. I was pretty sure I’d be an easy candidate for 30% considering I don’t drive for work.

    I hadn’t thought about the liability portion in case of an accident. And I didn’t know about the computer system, although I did see my car lights flicker. I didn’t know why. And my battery is only five months old.

    Going to pull this out. I don’t think it’s worth it. Hope my numbers helped someone else.

  8. It really works. I got 30% discount. Thanks to Snapshot.

  9. Yellow lights, camera lights, parking lots, drivers cutting you off, some kids ball rolling in the street, etc… Your gonna brake harder than normal or suffer the consequences. Driving from 12am-4am is high risk? Get real … I could take a crap in the middle of the road at that time and never see a car. Just another way for big brother to track you so they can find you easier. So in order to get the discount you have to drive in rush hour and run the yellow light ( remember only braking is counted against you) and crash into everything that jumps out in front of your vehicle! If flo was running at 15mph and I shoved that box up her a** she would stop faster than 7mph per second I bet!

  10. My wife and I use it and have had it for 4 months already saw a drop in price we love it.

  11. We are enjoying a 30% discount on 3 vehicles, 20 % on another, saving lots of bucks!

  12. I have a company car and hardly drive my personal vehicle… less than 3,000 miles/year. My personal vehicle is for personal use only and no commuting or business use. I have driven for over 30 years without one at-fault collision (the only collisions I was in occurred when I was hit from behind while stopped at a red light – 100% no fault on my part), have no traffic citations, and no claims paid by my insurance company.

    My job has me working on projects in a variety of states. Although the state in which I am a resident has some of the lowest insurance rates in the country, I am currently working in a state with some of the highest insurance rates. The insurance company I am currently with does not have any problem with my unique work-residence situation.

    Whenever my auto insurance policy comes up for renewal, I call a number of other companies to shop for the best rate and coverage. The Progressive sales person with whom I spoke suggested that I try the Snap Shot program since I use my personal vehicle so little. I gave the sales person the information for my residence in the state where my vehicle is registered (the state with the lower rates). Even though my personal vehicle is legally registered in the state of my residence, Progressive used my temporary address in the state in which I am currently working WITHOUT TELLING ME.

    At the end of the 30 days, I checked my account on Progressive’s website. Progressive showed no hard braking, no fast accelerations, and very low miles traveled (less than 25) in the duration of the Snap Shot process. Progressive claimed I would receive a 30% discount. Yet, the price it quoted was more than twice what I am currently paying. That’s when I found out that Progressive was using my temporary work address (in the state with the higher rates). Progressive sales department refused to provide a quote for rates based on the state where my vehicle is legally registered even though both states’ statutes require this and the mistake was made by its own employee. I escalated the matter to Progressive’s Executive Relations team. The Executive Relations team member with whom I spoke refused to override the sales department’s decision.
    The only way I can receive the discounted rate requires that I have the Snap Shot device on my vehicle 100% of the time. But I would not receive the discounted rate (if the new driving data even qualifies me) for the first 6 months of my policy. Progressive’s actions violate the consumer laws in the state where I am temporarily working and the state where I am a legal resident.

    I filed formal complaints with the Insurance Commissions in both states. My employer’s in-house legal counsel is filing a claim in court on my behalf. Every person who has been unlawfully deceived by Progressive representatives should file formal complaints with their state’s Insurance Commission. Progressive will continue to illegally deceive and overcharge consumers until enough complaints are filed that the Insurance Commissions force it to change its policies.

  13. I plugged Snapshot into my car when I got home on Friday (Sept. 27) and did not drive again. The next afternoon at 4:00 p.m. I attempted to start my car and it would not start. It cranks, but there’s no fire to the cylinders. Then I discovered through many sites that there are numerous reports of the Snapshot damaging cars’ computer systems, alternators, batteries, and other components. I immediately unplugged the device Sunday afternoon and now I’m trying to figure out exactly what is damaged and how to repair it. Try the Snapshot AT THE RISK OF DAMAGING YOUR VEHICLE! I wish I had read all of the reports before I tried it, but NOWHERE in their ads or the accompanying literature are there any warnings about possible damage to your vehicle. Once I get the damages and repairs completed I plan to the FTC and my state’s AG office. Please get the word out to try it at risk of damages to one’s vehicle. I hope this helps someone else.

  14. Beware of Fraud! Do not believe to these Stupid Snopshots! This is a fake! My wife and I drive 2000 miles per year and we are the most careful drivers at our college (we both work for education). This horrible snapshot (snotsh*t) doesn’t beep only when you are rolling over the red traffic light, otherwise it beeps constantly, even when you stop from 5 ml/per hours to 0 ml/per hour (I tried….). After suffering with this bullsh*t in our cars for half year Progressive raised our insurance on $50.00. We are quitting from Progressive. It is not Progressive. I would call it Regressive.

  15. I was constantly having to jumpstart my VW Golf because of the Snapshot. I didn’t realize that was what was killing my battery. I bought a brand new battery and still had the problems. I bought a jumpstarter since it happened so often. Then I realized the Snapshot was the culprit. Once I took it out I stopped having a dead battery. At least for a while. I ed Progressive and they cheerfully refunded me the cost of the new battery and jumpstarter. That was a couple months ago and I now have a bad alternator. I had to jumpstart the car again twice. The second time it killed my radio/cd player and most recently my airbag light stays on. There are so many problems with the Snapshot that there is a class action lawsuit filed. I did, however, receive a 25% discount on my insurance. Not worth it for all the trouble it has caused me. I recommend staying away from the device.

  16. I’m convinced these devices are responsible for idiots driving on highways during rush hour today bumper to bumper stand still can’t get anywhere people are afraid to drive they are unsafe

  17. Don’t believe Progressive’s hype for this device; my premium suddenly jumped UP 80 bucks a year, AFTER supposedly getting an 8% discount after Snapshot. Yeah right! Geico, here I come…And yeah, the annoying thing beeps a warning at you even when braking for speed bumps. If Progressive thinks hard braking is worse than hitting some Ahole that pulls out in front of you during your normal commute, they have some idiots behind the wheel themselves.

  18. Well,I got it for the discount just to find out even the slightest breaking would set off this annoying beep. Slowing down and not even hard breaking will cause you to get this annoying beeping. I agree, don’t go for the hype! You will not get any kind of decent discount. I am totally disappointed in this device and Progressive as well as being told I would see some type of discount and that “it can only help, not hurt”. Right. I was told there was a rate increase and all those months of putting up with this annoying device only got me to pay approximately $3.00 more than what I was paying before I got this device. And just think, I was even recommending this thing to my son to help him get some type of savings…….Well, I will definitely tell him its all a scam. Just something to make customers think they could really get a discount!

  19. In short: Flo is the DEVIL!

    Just kidding. Here is my experience in a nutshell. I tried the Snapshot discount program, quoted at a 30 % discount. When policy was written only received 22%. Took and act of congress and a threat to go to the insurance commissioner to get the rate I was promised.

    I am a safe driver, clean driving record and only drive 5000 miles per year due to working at home.

    Fast forward to ongoing snapshot. Rate dropped to 22% due to allowing my son to drive my car first Month. 16 hard stops over a period of three days. I expected the hit. The kicker is that this percentage never increased over the remaining 4.75 months. With no hard stops, no high risk driving times and no excessive mileage. It is not uncommon for my car not to be driven for more than a week.

    Fast forward to renewal. With all considerations above, and the 22% discount! my rate increased by more than 50%. Yes I said 50! From 50.00 a month to 74.00.

    Contacting progressive resulted I’m the same BS ‘reevaluated rates in your state.’ I read that this was common practice with this company and was warned by my State Farm agent when I made the switch. Of course thinking it was all sour grapes I was stupid enough to participate and got screwed over like the majority.

    I did our insurance commissioner and I just happen to live in a state where insurance companies can do what they will. Here’s the kicker, when I told the representative, who the company was, she said she was not surprised and that this is common practice for them.

    That being said I guess my next stop will be the consumer protection agency as the lure of the snapshot discount sounds like the old bait and switch.

    This may be an old thread but people… Be WARNED. I was too stupid to read the writing on the wall. Especially when they tried to screw me out of the original discounted that had already been quoted.

  20. Carefull! It totally killed the electrical system in my car, every light on my dashboard is blinking after installing this device and driving with it over a long trip. I am so pissed and worried about this. Brand New Suburu probably ruined because of this snapshot!

    I cannot believe Progressive would push a device known to cause so much damage.

  21. Like others, I never suspected these little devices could cause so many problems. We have 3 vehicles.. I put them in 2 of them and had no problems, however, our 3rd vehicle, a PT Cruisor, did not seem to be transmitting. It wouldn’t beep when plugged in, giving the signal that it was activated.. I unplugged it, plugged it in, unplugged it, plugged it in over a period of time, never leaving it plugged in more than 15 minutes or so… I finally decided maybe it just needed to be left in long enough to make , so I plugged it in late afternoon and left it. About an hour later, my husband pulled the PT into the garage for the night. This is a car we really don’t drive. In fact, we put a new battery in it a couple of months ago and have put under 100 miles on it (the battery)..
    The next morning, my husband went out to start the PT to pull it out of the garage so he could do some wood working, but the battery was dead.. BRAND NEW BATTERY.. He came in and asked me if the Snapshots pull juice from the battery.. I told him I had no idea, so I started doing research and found out about all these problems.
    Well, he tried to charge the battery, nothing. So he took it down to the shop (the battery) where we bought it, they put it on the tester and said it’s fine. They came down and got the PT and pulled it to the shop. They think it’s the alternator, killed by the snapshot.. We’re still waiting to see if that’s the problem. They didn’t have time to get to it yesterday..
    Did I mention this is a car we hardly ever drive? It’s a collectors edition and is treated like gold.. We are not happy about this turn of events..
    I called Progressive, they told me to send them a copy of the new battery (this is before we knew it’s probably the alternator).. They say they’ll pay for it. They never questioned it, never acted surprised, never flinched.. My question is, if they know there is the chance these devices will do damage, why on earth are they sending them out to people?

    Here’s another thing.. We drove with the snapshots in our 2 other vehicles for about 3 1/2 weeks, but it wasn’t long enough to get a discount. After the problem with the PT, we pulled them out of all vehicles and sent them back. Yet, the PT was driven about 20 ft into the garage with the device plugged in.. That’s it! 20 ft, and we’ve received an 8% discount on the PT for the snapshot device..

    The thing is, the device never beeped indicating it had made .. We are now wondering if these things actually do anything other than cause problems in vehicles. Is the whole thing a scam?? Obviously driving a car 20 ft is not an indication of what kind of drivers we are, and the vehicles that were driven daily for 3 1/2 weeks supposedly weren’t driven long enough to get a picture of our driving habits?????

    I know this is long..sorry.. but this is also important.. The only reason we tried the snapshot is because after our first 6 months with progressive, our premium went up quite a bit (from $171 a month to $195 a month).. I called and was told it was because we received a sign up discount at the beginning of our term with them, which we lost after the 1st 6 months.. No one explained that to us when we signed up. It was not written anywhere and none of the paperwork we received stated so… We also lost our “paperless” discount (according to the customer service rep).. However, our 6 month renewal notice that came in the mail had “paperless discount” printed on the very first page.. I had to go in to the system and “reapply” for a paperless discount, even though our policy said we already had one.. Trying the snapshots was our way of trying to get the rate back down to where it was originally..
    It saved us money initially, but after the first 6 months, watch out.. We left a company we’d been insured with for 9 years after their rates had increased so much we just couldn’t afford them.. We thought we were doing the smart thing by signing up with progressive.. Now we’re thinking, not so smart..
    We will be sending in a claim to Progressive for all repairs and the towing charge. Hopefully, we will be reimbursed.. Rather ironic that we signed up with them to get a discount because we couldn’t afford our original insurance company anymore, and it’s ended up costing us more in the long run!!!!

  22. Not worth the effort. I only received a 3% discount.

  23. I have this device…I live In a city with too many traffic lights..I keep distance between cars but idiots in front of me suddenly and abruptly causing me to brake.. a sudden decrease in acceleration has caused me 31 hard brakes with a one month millage of 362.16 miles in one month. I drive excelleny and never had a ticket or accident…why now do I feel like im a bad driver cause of some little beeping piece of crap making me self conscious. Zero accidents zero tickets. Sending it back…cause im human and im very aware of my driving habits im not changing how I drive this machine will cause accidents and is a destraction… it pisses me off when it beeps im like really…really…now im screaming at my car…wow…not worth it…flow stop it…dont be part of this crap.

  24. Progressive sent me two of the snapshot plug-ins, one for each car. My wife still has the one in her car and now wants it gone. I unplugged mine early on. Progressive thought that I may have been issued a defective snapshot and sent me a replacement but I had the same problem with the second one.

    The plug-in beeps each time it thinks that you’ve made a hard stop. The beeping got real annoying after a few days and I found that it was unsafe to leave it plugged in. Unless you drive like your eighty years old and come to a crawl each time you need to make a turn, the plug-in beeps and punishes you for bad driving. Likewise when you make a stop at a light or stop sign. It punishes you unless you stop slow enough so not to spill an over-filled cup of coffee. Let’s not even mention if some idiot pulls out in front of you and you have to lock-up your brakes to avoid an accident. The plug-in is unsafe at any speed. It tries to psychologically condition the driver to drive only to prevent the snapshot plug-in from beeping to get the best rate savings possible. Idiots will run a red light or smash into someone that pulled out in fromt of them to avoid getting punished by the beeping piece of plastic.

  25. I have had the snapshot device in my car for about 3 months now and have had no issues. There have been no issue with the device affecting the electronics in my vehicle. If these were issues in the past, this doesn’t seem to be a fact anymore.

    After the initial 30 days I got a 10% discount, which was great and currently after 3 months my projected discount is 27%, so 30% here I come.

    I have to disagree totally with others regarding the issues with hard breaking. In the first month I had a few due to trying to adjust my driving to not hear the beep. Let me say this there are no problems with the set up and the hard breaking. This is coming from a guy that drives a Mustang to and from work on the Las Vegas Strip with the world’s worst tourist and taxi cab drivers!!! If you follow safely, approach signal lights with caution (watch the crosswalk signs for a clue) and pay attention, then there is no problem what so ever.

    I am totally happy with the device and am looking forward to my savings when it comes time to renew my insurance. I have been a loyal customer for over 16 years and have not had any issues with Progressive and intend to stay with them.

  26. I must say, I did have a very positive experience with Snapshot and Progressive. After the device was in my car for about 5 months, I automatically saved 30% and have saved that same amount for three years now. Full disclosure: I work from home and really don’t drive very much, in fact, some days not at all, but why should I pay a higher rate at Allstate? I have zero regrets about the Snapshot program, I would be paying more at any other insurance company that didn’t understand my unique situation of driving very little and I have Snapshot to thank for that.

    I do agree with the drivers that say the device encourages somewhat “dangerous” driving habits. I remember quite a few lights that I most likely drove through “half amber, half red” because I did’t want to hit the brake pedal. Not to mention the “couldn’t slip a dollar bill between the bumper between mine and the car in front of me” because I had to slowly come to a stop when the person in front did not. It’s ironic, but in the end, my somewhat dangerous maneuvers are what got me a discount in the first place! I’m happy to report that today I DO hit the brakes when I need to, so if you live in my town, you need not worry any longer.

  27. Within 3 weeks of installation of this devise I experienced my first three times ever of my Lexus refusing to start, dash warning lights that I have never seen before began to light up, the car started acting weird and would automatically activate the all-wheel drive, the steering wheel started whining when I turned it. I actually had my power steering fluid checked and was told at the garage that my car did not have power steering fluid, that it was all electronic. Battery went dead twice and finally, I had the electronics system analyzed by Lexus technicians and found that a good portion of my electronics system was damaged. It was then that I started thinking about the tracking device and immediately had it removed, repaired all damage and am 100% convinced that the tracking device was the culprit. Repairs were done two weeks ago and the car is running like new again.
    Does anyone know where I can get an independent analysis of the device? Am willing to pay. send reply to [email protected],com

  28. Tried the snapshot for 30 days. Car wouldnt start twice, leaving me stranded. Hope i didnt do permanent damage. Had 3 “hard brakes”. (Started running tellow almost red lights to avoid that) never drove past 7 pm……dont drive all that much….but….qualified for 6% discount!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????? This thing is BS and there is a class action suit….and I am on it. Check it out…..lots of same complaint

  29. Not worth it. I tried it for six months and did not get a discount. It also ruined my car computer. The engine light stays on all the time.

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