Jaguar Releases New Jaguar XF Sportbrake

After the unveiling of the Sportbrake back in March of this year, industry critics and brand fans have been on tenterhooks to discover what one of the most ambitious cars in Jaguar’s history is really like.

Ever since the X400 X-Type debacle, which saw the controversial vehicle enter the market at half the price of the XJ Sedan back in 2002, Jaguar have been looking for an assured solution in their search for a more family orientated luxury vehicle.

Often noted for its glamorous range of interiors, nothing has been left out of the car with the offering of six different trim levels:Since the takeover by Tata Motors in 2008, the company has been transformed from a fledging sympathy brand, back to one of the most modern, stylish and powerful manufacturers in the motor vehicle industry; with the introduction of the Jaguar XF Sportbrake, this trend is thankfully only set to continue.

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With interior quality at the forefront of any Jaguar car, all versions of the Sportbrake come with a premium interior of leather, wood veneer and stainless steel trim; with just under 100 different ways to create your bespoke interior, the world of Jaguar is your own velvety oyster.

And that’s only the interior.

For those who are interested in the heart and brain of the vehicle, the Sportbrake is offered with two diesel engines; both of which have two set ups, meaning that there are four differing engine choices. Critics are currently tipping the 2.2 litre diesel to be the most popular choice, with outputs of 161 bhp and 197 bhp made available for prospective owners.

If you do prefer a more powerful version of an already quite powerful car, then you may interested to know that the 197bhp has the ability to reach 60mph in as little as 8.2 seconds; a supberb achievement for any family car. The 151bhp comes in just a little later at ten seconds flat, whether that 1.8 seconds is enough to warrant a bigger engine, is a luxurious decision that is thankfully left to you.

Though the Sportbrake is beaten by the BMW M5 Series Touring in terms of economy, by a mere 2.2mpg, it trumps the Mercedes E-Class Estate by a comfortable 1.1mpg; coming in at 55.4mpg.

As the vehicle is billed as the new forefront for family oriented cars, what exactly does it offer for a man with little people in tow?

For one, the boot is large with 1,674 litres of load space, and all vehicles come with a power tailgate; ensuring that your buggies, prams, and shopping can all fit in the back with the greatest of ease.

Costing £39,690 from the off, the price is also a convenient change from other luxury models. The truth is however, that not everyone can afford to spend nearly £40,000 on a new car.

With second hand XF’s now on the market however, you can purchase a very comfortably priced used XF Jaguar From for as little as £15,000; itself serving as a great introduction to the Jaguar family.

Author: Chris Taylor

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  1. It is keenly judged to launch an all-diesel line-up for Europe, but what about the US?

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