Mercedes Benz Releases New Video For 2014 S-Class Sedan

When the 2014 Mercedes Benz S-Class sedan was first unveiled last month, we were impressed with the high level of performance, technology, and safety features that were shoehorned into the company’s flagship for the 2014 model year. However, putting all of this technology into words alone only reveals a portion of what the car is capable of, and does not showcase how these applications work in the real world. To put all of the car’s new innovations and technology into a realistic perspective, the company has released a brief video showcasing the various features of the car in action during real-life driving scenarios as well as the first ever footage of the S-Class in motion.

A highlight of the video is the demonstration of the car’s new DISTRONIC PLUS technology which allows the new S-Class to maintain a safe driving distance between it and the vehicle in front while also braking and accelerating automatically thanks to the built in Stop&Go pilot software. Another standout feature is the Active Lane Keeping Assist feature which monitors the S-Class’s position in a traffic lane and keeps the car centered if the system senses the car wandering out of the lane boundaries a cool feature that should eventually trickle down to mainstream models in the near future.

In addition to demonsrating how the car’s safety systems work, the short video also reveals how the car’s luxury and convenience features do their part to enhance occupant comfort and enjoyment during their time inside the S-Class – especially the car’s ability to act as a built in hotspot for wireless Internet, the business-oriented rear seat work area (complete with massaging seats), as well as the car’s built in fragrance dispenser which is part of the aptly named AIR-BALANCE package and helps keep the cabin smelling fresh and clean. The video can be seen below and look for the 2014 Mercedes S-Class to begin arriving at a Mercedes Benz dealership near you this September.



Author: Carl Malek

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