Seven Maintenance Tips For a Longer-Lasting Car

Keeping a car fit and healthy is much like keeping any other machine in good working order. Regular maintenance and checks are an essential tool in helping keep your car running smoothly. Particularly as you head into the summer months, preparing your car for the warmer weather and potentially more extensive use means regularly maintaining your vehicle. Components can wear very easily with use, and over a longer period of time this can contribute to more significant damage to your car.

With the exception of a house, the family car is one of the most expensive assets most people will ever own. At the same time, it can also prove one of the most costly to repair. Formal work on your vehicle can run into the hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars. But for so many people, the car is a lifeline, essential for getting them to work or their families off to school in the morning.


Depending on the type of car you drive and its age, there may be more specific problems that need to be addressed with your vehicle. Only a mechanic can provide effective diagnosis and repair for these issues, and it is worth finding a reliable provider who can handle your motor servicing needs. But there are things you should be looking out for with your car as you go, to keep under control for as long as possible.

Check Car Fluids Regularly
The fluids in your car are all-important to its health and general running order. Make sure your car is regularly topped up with oil, coolant and water. This will keep your car going for as long as possible, and will ensure your vehicle is safe and roadworthy when you need it. Fluids can easily run dry in warmer months too, so it pays to keep a closer eye on fluid levels during spells of drier weather.

Test Your Battery
The battery is often one of the first components to cause problems, especially after cold winters. Batteries tend to be used much more extensively in the winter months than the summer months, and it is always worth proceeding with extra caution after periods of heavy usage. The only way to diagnose problems with your battery is to run regular battery checks. These can be conducted by a local mechanic as part of wider, regular checks.

Keep Windscreens Clean
A point that is relevant both for safety and for the maintenance of your vehicle, you need to keep your windscreens clean at all times. Dirty windscreens are more difficult to see out of. Drivers shouldn’t underestimate how much this can affect their ability to perceive the road and other motorists. At the same time, windows and cars that are too dirty will decay at a faster rate, and the seals may be affected if too much debris is allowed to clog and build up in your car.

Check and Clean Bodywork
The bodywork of your car will be the fastest-rusting part of the vehicle. This is because it is most directly exposed to the elements. Dirt, bugs and tar from road maintenance can quickly build up around the underside of your vehicle, and it is important owners treat these issues as they arise. is one part of the solution for cleaning this debris off of your vehicle, with a view to extending its lifespan on the road.

Regular Brake Tests
It is essential that you keep a close watch on the integrity of your brakes. A safe car needs healthy, responsive brakes to protect the driver and other road users in the event of a stoppage. Brakes can wear and fail with usage, and the consequences of that happening when you are on the road could be catastrophic. It is important to test your brakes at regular intervals, and to ensure the pads are still likely to be effective. Replacements can be costly, but this is a worthwhile maintenance cost to make your car that bit safer.

Keep Tires Inflated
Keeping your tires inflated sounds like a small point, but it can have a big impact on the safety and longevity of your vehicle. Tires that are not adequately inflated use more fuel, and prevent your car from adequately gripping the road. In icy or wet conditions, this could prove fatal if left unchecked. Tires should be checked and reinflated as necessary every few weeks, to keep your car in its best possible running order.

Semi-annual Car Servicing
Even if you are maintaining your car yourself, it is essential to opt for a semi-annual service to your vehicle. This will identify any issues at the earliest possible stage, saving you on long-run maintenance costs and helping preserve the useful lifespan of your vehicle.

Author: Chris Taylor

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