Last Impressions of the 2013 New York Auto Show

The second day of press days is over, and when I left, workmen were putting up everything needed to accommodate the hordes of paying customers during the public access part of the show over the next week.

I am going home exhausted; nothing new there as I always leave all the big shows exhausted. There’s a lot to see, lots of press conferences to attend, lots of writing, lots of thinking about what to write, etc.

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New York – 2014 Bentley Flying Spur

The 1% will be happy to know they now have more choices.

With a sticker that starts at $200,500 and climbs rapidly from there, the newest Bentley is not going to be on a lot of grocery-getter lists. It’s huge and its expensive. It is the Number 2 car in the Bentley lineup with the Mulsanne sedan at Number 1, and the Continental GT Coupe at Number 3.

If you go to the New York Auto Show, you will see one in purple. Well, not purple.

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First Impressions of the 2013 New York Auto Show

Where is the energy?

The show just seems subdued this year. I’ve been coming to this show for a long, long time, and it seems quieter, with less excitement in the hallways and on the show stands. There is plenty of nice iron everywhere (always is at the New York Show), as usual, and lots of ogling of same, but its all low-key and muted.

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New York – 2013 Audi A3 Sedan Reveal

The folks at Audi held a North American “reveal” of the new A3 sedan last night before the start of the New York Auto Show this morning, and we were invited to see just what the Audi folks have going for their newest interpretation of the A3 model line.

First, let me just tip my hat and note that Audi does a great job coordinating these press events, and their treatment of scruffy auto journalists is top-notch. They never load up the attendance list so that you can’t get to any of the executives, and, in fact, everyone is quite accessible to the aforementioned scruffy auto writers.

Let’s move on.

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Long Term, The Price of Gasoline Will Keep Rising

Long Term, The Price of Gasoline Will Keep Rising

On March 6, 2007, I wrote the following post for Techshake:

Within the context of buying a new car or truck, people often ask me whether I think gasoline will be $4 a gallon or $5 a gallon soon. In case you have the same question, here is the general answer I give them:

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