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If you’ve got something to say about cars or the car business, and would like to be involved in Techshake, please drop me a line.

I am currently looking for contributors who have a passion for the automotive world. You should be passionate about the subject areas you pick. We are not yet one of the major automotive sites in terms of traffic, but are seen by many as one of the comprehensive and insightful websites for automotive coverage and commentary.

You can contribute as much as you want and cover the topics that interest you most. The professional writers that write for Techshake now find this premise particularly attractive. This position is ideal for a writer/journalist looking to make their bones and create a portfolio that features the best of your talents and abilities. We are also willing to consider unpublished writers.  Some of our writers focus on industry news, while others delve into the history of a particular model or brand.

This time, we are looking for individuals who will commit to writing at least one article every other week.

Interested? Then me at and tell me what you want to write about, how often, and why you chose those subjects; as well as anything else you think is pertinent to the subsequent conversation we may have.

Kevin Gordon

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